Social Media – Inspirational, Aspirational, Comparison OH MY

Apr 19, 2024

Oh, the joys and downfalls of social media

It seems to be a constant tug of war, doesn’t it? The question I want to dive into here is…How does your personal feed make you FEEL? Is your social feed inspirational or Aspirational? Are you in the comparison cycle?  First let’s define those words, shall we? According to the dictionary…

Inspirational – Adjective: Making you feel full of hope or encouraged. Providing exciting new ideas, encouraging the creation of something. Inspiration sparks creativity or motivation

Aspirational – Adjective: Characterized by a strong desire for something, aimed at or appealing to people who want to attain a higher social standard or standard of living. Aspiration is about setting goals and having ambitions, focusing on future achievements.

Comparison – Noun: An examination of two or more items to establish similarities and dissimilarities.

Both inspiration and aspiration serve a beautiful purpose absolutely. Inspiration can then lead to aspiration. The small, inspired action step could turn into a larger goal, or future plans. However, if they lead to COMPARISON, they can be detrimental to our emotional health, mental state and wellbeing.

Let’s dive in a little deeper here

Have you ever been incredibly inspired by a stunning photo of a home or a garden or an artist’s painting? I have. Now what happens? Do you feel motivated to create something stunning of your own; to learn something new? Do you take action?

A few examples…

The gorgeously decorated home inspires some decluttering and rearranging of the living room furniture. Maybe painting a wall or a door. Then maybe the aspirational plan to save for new art or furniture or even an interior designer.

The amazing cut flower garden inspires adding flowers to your veggie garden or reading a book all about flowers and design. Then maybe setting a goal to expand your current garden space, adding a greenhouse or taking a workshop on flower arranging.

The watercolor artist that inspired trying out a new hobby, having a little fun and carving out time for play. Then maybe the aspirational idea to take a course and develop a skill.

It is all so fun IF and only IF it brings you JOY

The line gets crossed when that inspiration turned aspiration leads to the comparison game. You know the one. Soon every home or garden appears “better” than yours. Soon you feel like your art isn’t good enough or you need to take this hobby and turn it into a money maker. The JOY is gone, and the game of keeping up takes over.

This is where social media can take a turn

I invite you to take notice as you scroll your favorite platform how your feed makes you FEEL. Ask yourself…Are you smiling? Are you laughing? Are you feeling connected and aligned? Are you feeling inspired and excited? If you FEEL any kind of discontentment, unhappiness or comparison remember your social feed is YOURS to curate. Let it help you feel inspired, motivated, joyful, happy and aid in the fulfillment of your life.

Maybe it is time to make some adjustments. Afterall the unfollow and mute buttons are there for a reason.  Bring some DELIGHT back to your media. Get reinspired and motivated to learn something new or create something beautiful. Permission given to switch it up a little and see what happens!

Until next time friends. I cherish you and I am celebrating you.


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