Legacy: A Choice to Carry On

Sep 27, 2023

Have you ever thought about your Legacy?

What you will pass on, what will be remembered, what will be carried on long after you have left this earth. It is a weighty thought. It is one I hadn’t given much thought to until I became a legacy myself. After losing both of my parents and being an only child, I soon realized I was their legacy left behind. That felt like a very large weight to carry to be honest and I wasn’t exactly sure how to both honor my parents and their lives, carry on their legacy while creating one of my very own at the same time.

The weight of it

To think the life that ended deserved to be carried on almost more than my own deserved to be lived now. When in the throes of grief and estate settling and a mountain of decisions and physical things to sort through it is quite easy to lose yourself. I certainly found myself working really hard to keep all the things, to maintain all the traditions, to carry on as before even though that really is an impossible feat.

Letting go

It feels so sad but there is such beauty in the healing that letting go opens up. I remember sitting in a class for my yoga teacher training certification and the conversation turned to legacy and writing a legacy statement. The truth is I still haven’t officially written mine, but I now know exactly what parts of my parents I am choosing to carry on, what parts I am letting go, and what parts of me I am making space for.  Yes, I am choosing a legacy. Leaving a legacy is a choice.  Carrying a legacy forward is also a choice.

The stuff

There are of course physical items that get left behind and passed on, what a gift. I treasure pieces from my grandparents and my great grandparents and at the same time I know there is no guarantee these “things” will last. Furniture wears out, clothing rips, jewelry can get broken, lost or stolen, I think about natural disasters too, floods, fires, earthquakes…while the physical items hold some beautiful memories and can be part of a legacy they really cannot live on forever.

What about the money?

Then there is the money left behind and passed on, what a gift. Money certainly can have lasting impact especially creating generational wealth that continues long after death. By all means, please create that!  But here’s the thing money can be very easily spent, lost, or used in a way that was not the intention of the person leaving it behind. That legacy then can easily be lost as well.

True legacy is about who you are, how you show up in the world and what lasting impact you made while you are here now

The beautiful thing about choosing your legacy right now, while you are alive and well is that you have the opportunity to live in it, to watch it and to be a living part of it. There are traits that get passed down to each of us and many times we just pick them up and carry on but…. what if we didn’t? What if we made a choice what was ours to carry forward and what is better left behind? What if we made space for our own unique traits to take a front seat and have the opportunity to be passed along?

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the legacy you may be carrying forward unconsciously

To reflect on how you, your amazing, unique true self shows up in the world today. To reflect on the impact, you are making on those around you, your closest circle and your community at large. I guarantee you are making an impact, intentional or not! Think about how you want to be remembered. Think about what you really want to leave behind and how you want to LIVE today.

I can tell you one thing for sure

You are Loved. You will be missed.  You will be remembered.  You will leave a legacy behind. Let that legacy be one that is intentional. Let that legacy be one you choose.

Until next time friends. I cherish you and I am celebrating you!


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