Healing is Big Work

Apr 10, 2024

Healing is lifelong work.
Healing involves layers and more layers.
Healing requires many modalities.
Healing sometimes feels like a full-time job.

Healing is riding the waves.
Healing is pushing the big heavy boulders up the big ass hill.
Healing is breaking down the walls we painstakingly built up.
Healing is putting boundaries in place.
Healing makes us stronger.

Healing can be painful.
Healing can feel really lonely.
Healing is slow.
Healing makes us better humans.

Healing is forgiving ourselves and others.
Healing is connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves.
Healing is loving the deepest parts of ourselves.
Healing is loving all parts of ourselves.
Healing is love.

Healing is unlearning, relearning and learning anew.
Healing is surrender.
Healing is allowing.
Healing is letting go.
Healing is growth.

Healing is vital.
Healing is saying goodbye.
Healing is welcoming in and saying hello.
Healing is a legacy.

Healing looks different for everyone.
Healing opens our heart.
Healing changes our mind.
Healing is good for our wellbeing.
Healing is healthcare.

Healing makes us laugh.
Healing makes us cry.
Healing makes us scream.
Healing makes us experience life and all it has to offer.
Healing is joyful.

Healing is for everyone.
Healing reminds us we are not broken, and that we never were.
Healing is beautiful.
Healing is worth it all.
Healing creates space, space to breathe, space to move, space to live, space to love.

Healing is Big Work.

Until next time friends. I cherish you and I am celebrating you.

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  1. Melissa, this is beautiful and all so true! Thank you for sharing your creativity and heart!

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