A Morning Routine – How to Get out of Bed Earlier

May 23, 2024

You may have heard about the importance of a good morning routine before. How to set yourself up for success. How a morning routine is essential for productivity and focus. A routine is simply the little habits you do not have to think about. Building a habitual routine to save precious brain space and protects against decision fatigue.

I absolutely understand and value the idea of having a morning routine. As a productivity nut and a consumer of all things personal development, I have read the books, listened to the podcasts, taken in so much advice on the topic and implemented countless routines. Spoiler alert, not one routine stuck. I found myself forcing certain habits, pushing through and feeling overwhelmed and drained. The complete opposite effect a morning routine is supposed to provide.


Well the truth is because LIFE. Life happens. No two weeks are the same around here. A sick kid, an all nighter for whatever reason, travel, work schedule changes, the list goes on. So what do we do? How can we establish a solid morning routine that makes us feel good, that sets us up for a successful day every day?

Here are some tricks

* Ask yourself WHY. Why do you want to have a morning routine at all? Dig deep here, why does having a morning routine FEEL important to YOU?

* Start with your evening routine. If getting up earlier means losing out on vital sleep please choose sleep. There are countless studies that show the detrimental impacts of sleep deprivation on our overall health. Sleep first. Go to bed earlier in order to get up earlier. Adjust your evening routines first before going all in with a new morning routine.

* Acknowledge and pay attention to the season. Both the time of year it is AND the season of life you are personally in right now. Honor the seasons and be prepared to make adjustments accordingly. Maybe it is easier to wake up earlier in the summer when it’s lighter out. Maybe summer calls for an early morning walk outside in the daylight vs reading with coffee cuddled up in your favorite blanket that worked in the winter season. Maybe a 30 minute morning routine of quietly drinking coffee and journaling before it is time to wake up kids for school work for now vs an hour long routine consisting of ALL the things. Seasons change. That is a fact.

* Start with one thing. I know ALL the things sound good. I myself have tried to fit EVERYTHING in my “ideal” morning routine only to end up out of time and frustrated. Choose one thing to start at a time. Savor the first cup of coffee start to finish. Read 10 pages of your favorite book. Go for a walk. Write one page in your journal. Eventually you can layer and add or subtract. Just begin with the one thing that makes you the MOST excited to get out of bed.

* Plan ahead. Look at your calendar for the week or even just for the next day. Schedules very rarely are the same day after day after day week after week. See what your calendar holds and then reverse engineer your morning plan. Do you have an early appointment? Make an adjustment to your bedtime and wake up time. Do you have more time and space this week? Maybe it’s a good time to add more to your morning routine or maybe you have time to sleep in a little later and start your routine later in the morning. Is tomorrow extra FULL? Maybe the morning routine is simply 5-10 minutes of deep breathing and gentle stretching and listening to your favorite music in the shower as you get ready for a crazy day.

* Give yourself Grace. Remember that there is no such thing as a “perfect” morning routine. Allow yourself to PLAY with what works best for you. Allow for changes and pivots. Allow your routine to be as unique as you are. There is no need to follow someone else’s “perfect” plan. Let yourself off the hook and have some FUN!

Ok share time

I do indeed have a morning routine. The habits I no longer have to think about but it looks very different than what you might find online or in books. Here it is…

  1.  5 am alarm goes off in my bathroom. (everyday except Sunday) My phone is set up on a sleep schedule so I don’t have to think about it. It turns off in the evening automatically too.
  2.  Stretch my body before I get out of bed.
  3.  Walk to the bathroom, use the facilities and brush my teeth.
  4.  Drink a very large glass of water.
  5.  Go outside with the dog and put my bare feet on the ground while the dog does his business.
  6.  Pour a cup of coffee.

That’s it!  But wait…there is more

While those are the “Habits” that I do every single morning without thinking about them, my morning RITUALS are the daily metaphorical vitamins I nourish myself with every day.  My rituals are constantly changing sometimes daily. They most certainly change with the seasons and cycles of life.

My morning rituals are the things that make me FEEL my very best. That aligns with my unique needs and supports my personal life journey. They are intentional and they are essential to my day.  These are the things that need a plan.  That need space to change and pivot.

Morning rituals are the practices I help my clients create for themselves. I will be sharing my personal morning rituals in my next newsletter that comes out June 6th on the New Moon. I would love to have you join the conversation. Sign up HERE.

Don’t worry if you are reading this after the newsletter has gone out.  You can contact me anytime and I will share with you!

Until next time friends. I cherish you and I am celebrating you!


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