A cold slice of pizza, a hot bath and a good cry: Self Care rituals in unexpected places

Mar 13, 2024

Self Care…Again?

It’s quite the buzz word these days isn’t it. If you, like me find yourself searching for the ‘Ultimate Self Care Ritual” and find yourself “should-ing” all over the place and yet still can’t quite nail the self care.
This is for you.

Last week I found myself home all alone in a quiet house. It was a week of low energy for me which was not a surprise to me (since tracking my cycle IYKYK). I didn’t feel great. So I decided to draw myself a hot bath full of Epsom salts for a little soak. I filled the bath tub, grabbed a slice of cold pizza and a big glass of water and jumped in. By the way did I mention it was only 10am.

Unproductive right!?

I mean I really “should” have been working or cleaning or planning or something anything except this at 10am on a weekday! How dare I take the time to just take a bath, what a luxury.
Must be nice. Uh huh I hear you, I hear my own inner critic voice too.  Don’t you worry!

But wait….Let me tell you what happened next

As I settled into the bath and gobbled up that delicious slice of cold pizza and just took a breath. The tears began to flow. They were unexpected. There was not a trigger or a reason for them, they just showed up. They showed up in a big way. They needed to flow. I let them. I let the water soak them up. And then washed them down the drain when my bath time came to an end. I found myself deeply refreshed, still tired and low energy but so much better from the inside out. I realized how vital this little act of Self Care actually was.

Self Care is Vital AND Productive

Self Care is an act of Self Love and it is VITAL for energy, productivity, healing, immunity, relationships, communication and LIFE!  Without that thirty minute hot bath and cold slice of pizza those tears would have stayed bottled up. That internal cleansing would not have had a chance to happen. My energy would have stayed low for longer. I would have felt that not great feeling for longer. I would not have been able to be productive and show up how I needed to for the rest of the day and week.

Looking for the “Ultimate” Self Care Plan?

Self Care can take so many different forms. It is an act of LOVE after all and we all receive and need love differently which means…SPOILER ALERT… There is No Such Thing as a “PERFECT” or “ULTIMATE” Self Care routine. I know I know and I am so sorry, I wish I could write a list you could simply check off and feel fully loved and cared for. Check. Done. Moving on.  Friend, please keep reading because I do have some ideas that may inspire you along the journey.

Unexpected Self Care

1. Get Outside – A deep breath of fresh air can make all the difference. Tilt your face up to the sky, FEEL the sun, wind, rain, snow on your skin. Watch the clouds go by, stare at a mountain or at the water or a sky full of stars. Stick your hands in the dirt or put your bare feet on the grass. Hug a big huge strong tree. Smell a flower. I like to remember how small I am in this big big world and nature helps me with that. Sometimes that makes my hardship and stress seem small too even if just for a moment. It creates some space for me and feels like love.

2. Pour Yourself a Cup of Something – Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or water with raspberries or lemon or mint or cucumber or grated ginger… I adore water can you tell? You know what you like, take a pause and ENJOY. Wrap your hands around the cup, notice the smell and then slowly take a sip. Really taste it. Feel the sensation as you swallow. Let it warm you up or cool you off from the inside out. Savor that little moment.

3. Laugh – Ok this one is a favorite of mine. A good belly laugh really is the best medicine and can also lead to tears so it’s a two for one! Friend I admit I like to turn on old episodes of America’s Funniest Videos. It makes me laugh. Period. Hard Stop. Find some comedy to watch, read a joke, remember something that made you laugh so hard, call your funniest friend.  Play a game that always ends in laughter…my personal favorite is Fish Bowl.  The memories of past games alone will always get me laughing!

4. Move – This one for me is a kitchen dance party. Music up – usually old school hip hop and this shorty gets low! Go for a walk, jump on your bike, do some yoga or lift some weights. Dance in the rain (another personal favorite) or splash in some puddles. Make a snow angle or a sandcastle. Think about PLAY. Hopscotch, jumprope, hula hoop, the floor is lava. Run like the wind. Allow your body to move however it needs to move and see what happens.

5. Be a Maker – get lost in a hobby, even if it’s just for a little bit of time. At the moment I am finding the sourdough process to be a beautiful act of self care. There is something about kneading bread. Read a book, write a story, do a puzzle, knit, crochet, sew, cook, bake, craft, scrapbook, paint, garden, arrange flowers…. really the list is endless and there is no wrong answer. Maybe you will discover something new that brings JOY to your heart. Joy is LOVE.

6. Do Nothing – Yep this one is the most challenging in our fast paced, always gotta DO something life. It is also perhaps one of the most rewarding. My cold pizza and hot bath situation was me “NOT Doing”. It allowed space for the release I didn’t know I needed. Give yourself the gift of doing nothing. Some call this mediation. Call it whatever you like or call it nothing at all. Just BE. Soak in the bath, lay down on the yoga mat, stand in the hot shower, sit in a meditation posture, eat a meal in silence. Give yourself the space to breathe.

My friend I hope this was helpful as you embark on finding a unique ritual that is all your own like a cold slice of pizza in a hot bath and a good cry.
I would love to hear the ways you are practicing Self Care, maybe in some unexpected ways. Please share.

Until next time friends. I Cherish you and I am Celebrating you.


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